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bìng and; furthermore; (not) at all; simultaneously; also; together with; to combine; to join; to merge
並把 并把 bìng bǎ to include
並不 并不 bìng bù not at all; emphatically not
並蒂蓮 并蒂莲 bìng dì lián twin lotus flowers on one stalk - a devoted married couple
並非 并非 bìng fēi really isn't
並駕齊驅 并驾齐驱 bìng jià qí qū run neck and neck; keep abreast of; or keep pace with; be on a par with one another
並肩 并肩 bìng jiān alongside; shoulder to shoulder; side by side; abreast
並舉 并举 bìng jǔ develop simultaneously
並立 并立 bìng lì exist side by side; exist simultaneously
並聯 并联 bìng lián parallel connection
並列 并列 bìng liè stand side by side; be juxtaposed
並排 并排 bìng pái side by side; abreast
並且 并且 bìng qiě and; besides; moreover; furthermore; in addition
並入 并入 bìng rù merge into; incorporate in
並行 并行 bìng xíng in parallel [development, implementation, etc]
並行不悖 并行不悖 bìng xíng bù bèi both can be implemented without coming into conflict; not be mutually exclusive; run parallel
並行程序 并行程序 bìng xíng chéng xù parallel program
並行計算 并行计算 bìng xíng jì suàn parallel computing
並重 并重 bìng zhòng lay equal stress on; pay equal attention to

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