Trad. Simp. Pinyin English
jīn today; modern; present; current; this; now
今晨 jīn chén this morning
今後 今后 jīn hòu hereafter; henceforth; in the future; from now on
今年 jīn nián this year
今日 jīn rì today
今生 jīn shēng this life
今世 jīn shì this life; this age
今天 jīn tiān today; at the present; now
今晚 jīn wǎn tonight
今昔 jīn xī past and present; yesterday and today
今譯 今译 jīn yì modern language version; modern translation; contemporary translation
今音 jīn yīn modern (i.e. not ancient) pronunciation of a Chinese character
今朝 jīn zhāo at the present; now
今兒 今儿 jin1r today

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