Trad. Simp. Pinyin English
namely; right away; to approach; to draw near
即便 jí biàn even if; even though
即插即用 jí chā jí yòng plug-and-play
即將 即将 jí jiāng on the eve of; to be about to; to be on the verge of
即將來臨 即将来临 jí jiāng lái lín imminent
即刻 jí kè immediately; instant; instantly
即墨 Jí mò (N) Jimo (city in Shandong)
即時 即时 jí shí immediate
即時即地 即时即地 jí shí jí dì moment-to-moment
即使 jí shǐ even if; even though
即由 jí yóu namely

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