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zhī (a measure word, for birds and some animals, etc.); single; only
zhǐ only; merely; just; but
只不過幾年前 只不过几年前 zhǐ bù guò jǐ nián qián only a few years ago; just a few years ago
只得 zhǐ dé have no alternative but to; be obliged to
只顧 只顾 zhǐ gù (adv) be focused on; be absorbed in; (adv) simply; just; merely
只管 zhǐ guǎn (adv) no need to think about; by all means; (adv) simply; just; merely
只好 zhǐ hǎo to have to; to be forced to
只能 zhǐ néng not having any other choice; obliged to do sth
只是 zhǐ shì merely; simply; only; but
只要 zhǐ yào if only; so long as
只有 zhǐ yǒu only

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