Trad. Simp. Pinyin English
chī eat; eradicate; destroy; receive
吃不服 chī bu fú not be accustomed to eating sth; not be used to certain food
吃不開 吃不开 chī bu kāi be unpopular; won't work
吃不來 吃不来 chī bu lái not be fond of certain food
吃不上 chī bu shàng be unable to get something to eat; miss a meal
吃不下 chī bu xià not feel like eating; be unable to eat any more
吃不消 chī bu xiāo be unable to stand (exertion, fatigue, etc.)
吃不住 chī bu zhù be unable to bear or support
吃穿 chī chuān food and clothing
吃醋 chī cù jealousy
吃大戶 吃大户 chī dà hù mass seizure of food from landlords during famines before liberation
吃刀 chī dāo penetration of a cutting tool
吃飯 吃饭 chī fàn to eat a meal
吃驚 吃惊 chī jīng to be startled; to be shocked; to be amazed
吃苦 chī kǔ to bear; hardships
吃苦頭 吃苦头 chī kǔ tou suffer
吃虧 吃亏 chī kuī suffer losses; come to grief; get the worst of it
吃力 chī lì entail strenuous effort; be a strain
吃完 chī wán to finish eating

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