Trad. Simp. Pinyin English
wèn to ask
問答 问答 wèn dá (n) question and answer
問好 问好 wèn hǎo say hello to; send one's regards to
問號 问号 wèn hào question mark; unknown factor; unsolved problem; interrogation
問候 问候 wèn hòu give someone one's respects; send a greeting
問話 问话 wèn huà questioning (a suspect); interrogation
問卷調查 问卷调查 wèn juàn diào chá questionnaire
問路 问路 wèn lù ask for directions
問世 问世 wèn shì to be published; to come out
問題 问题 wèn tí problem; issue; topic

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