Trad. Simp. Pinyin English
zuò to sit; to take a seat; to take (a bus, airplane etc.)
坐班 zuò bān keep office hours
坐標 坐标 zuò biāo (geom.) coordinate
坐標法 坐标法 zuò biāo fǎ (geom.) the method of coordinates
坐標系 坐标系 zuò biāo xì (geom.) coordinate system
坐禪 坐禅 zuò chán sit in meditation; to meditate
坐地排球 Zuò dì pái qiú Paralympic volleyball
坐好 zuò hǎo to sit properly; to sit up straight
坐牢 zuò láo imprisonment; imprisoned
坐下 zuò xia sit down
坐月子 zuò yuè zǐ postpartum period

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