Trad. Simp. Pinyin English
wán to finish; to be over; whole; complete; entire
完備 完备 wán bèi perfect; complete
完備性 完备性 wán bèi xìng completeness
完畢 完毕 wán bì to finish; to end; to complete
完成 wán chéng complete; accomplish
完蛋 wán dàn (v) fall from prestige; be finished, done for
完好 wán hǎo intact; in good condition
完結 完结 wán jié (n) finish
完美 wán měi perfect; perfection; perfectly
完美世界 Wán měi shì jiè Perfect World
完美無缺 完美无缺 wán měi wú quē perfect and without blemish; flawless; to leave nothing to be desired
完全 wán quán complete; whole; totally; entirely
完全布爾代數 完全布尔代数 wán quán bù ěr dài shù complete boolean algebra
完全懂得 wán quán dǒng de to understand completely
完全兼容 wán quán jiān ròng completely compatible
完善 wán shàn perfect; complete
完縣 完县 Wán xiàn (N) Wan county (county in Hebei)
完顏希尹 完颜希尹 Wán yán xī yǐn Wanyan Xiyin
完整 wán zhěng complete; intact
完整性 wán zhěng xìng integrity; completeness

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