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certainly; must; will; necessarily
必不可少 bì bù kě shǎo absolutely necessary; indispensable; essential
必不可少組成 必不可少组成 bì bù kě shǎo zǔ chéng absolute necessity; sine qua non
必得 bì děi must; have to
必定 bì dìng be bound to; be sure to
必將 必将 bì jiāng inevitably
必然 bì rán inevitable; certain; necessity
必勝客 必胜客 Bì shèng Kè Pizza Hut
必修 bì xiū a required course
必修課 必修课 bì xiū kè a required course
必需 bì xū essential; indispensable
必須 必须 bì xū to have to; must
必需品 bì xū pǐn necessity; essential (thing)
必要 bì yào necessary; essential; indispensable; required
必要條件 必要条件 bì yào tiáo jiàn requirement; necessary condition (math)
必要性 bì yào xìng necessity
必由之路 bì yóu zhī lù the road one must follow or take; the only way

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