Trad. Simp. Pinyin English
to think; to consider
思潮 sī cháo (n) train of thought; (n) surge of thoughts reflecting a time in history
思考 sī kǎo think; reflect; ponder
思茅 Sī máo (N) Simao (city in Yunnan)
思茅地區 思茅地区 Sī máo dì qū (N) Simao district (district in Yunnan)
思南 Sī nán (N) Sinan (place in Guizhou)
思念 sī niàn think of; long for; miss
思前想后 sī qián xiǎng hòu (saying) to consider over and over again
思索 sī suǒ think deeply; ponder
思維 思维 sī wéi (line of) thought; thinking
思想 sī xiǎng thought; thinking; idea
思想家 sī xiǎng jiā (n) thinker
思想史 sī xiǎng shǐ intellectual history
思緒 思绪 sī xù (n) train of thought; (n) emotional state; mood; feeling

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