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suǒ actually; place
所得 suǒ dé (n) that which one acquires; one's gains
所得稅 所得税 suǒ dé shuì (n) tax on one's gains; income tax
所多 Suǒ duō Soto
所羅巴伯 所罗巴伯 Suǒ luó bā bó Zerubbabel (son of Shealtiel)
所羅門 所罗门 Suǒ luó mén Solomon
所羅門群島 所罗门群岛 suǒ luó mén qún dǎo Solomon Islands
所屬 所属 suǒ shǔ (n) those that are under one's leadership; (n) that which one is associated to
所謂 所谓 suǒ wèi so-called
所需 suǒ xū necessary (for); required
所以 suǒ yǐ therefore; as a result; so
所有 suǒ yǒu all; to have; to possess; to own
所有權 所有权 suǒ yǒu quán ownership; possession
所有物 suǒ yǒu wù belongings
所有者 suǒ yǒu zhē proprietor; owner
所有制 suǒ yǒu zhì (n) system that determines who owns the means of production; system of ownership
所在 suǒ zài place; location
所在地 suǒ zài dì location; site
所長 所长 suǒ zhǎng head of an institute, etc.
所作所為 所作所为 suǒ zuò suǒ wéi (n) one's conduct and deeds

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