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a period of time; phase; stage; (used for issue of a periodical, courses of study); time; term; period; to hope
期待 qī dài to look forward to; to await; expectation
期貨 期货 qī huò futures (on goods)
期間 期间 qī jiān period of time; time; time period; period
期刊 qī kān periodical
期攷 qī kǎo end of term examination
期滿 期满 qī mǎn to expire; to run out; to come to an end
期盼 qī pàn (v) await expectantly
期票 qī piào promissory note; IOU
期權 期权 qī quán option
期望 qī wàng hope; expectation
期望值 qī wàng zhí expected value
期限 qī xiàn time limit; deadline; allotted time

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