Trad. Simp. Pinyin English
jué breach (a dyke); to decide; to determine
決不 决不 jué bù not at all; simply (can) not
決策 决策 jué cè (make a) strategic decision
決策樹 决策树 jué cè shù decision tree
決策者 决策者 jué cè zhě (n) policymaker
決定 决定 jué dìng to decide (to do something); to determine; to resolve
決定論 决定论 jué dìng lùn determinism
決定性 决定性 jué dìng xìng decisive; conclusive
決定性問題 决定性问题 jué dìng xìng wèn tí decision problem
決鬥 决斗 jué dòu duel
決口 决口 jué kǒu be breached; burst
決賽 决赛 jué sài finals (of a competition)
決算 决算 jué suàn (v) make the final calculations on a bill; (n) final account
決心 决心 jué xīn determination; resolution; determined; firm and resolute; to make up one's mind
決議 决议 jué yì resolution
決議案 决议案 jué yì àn (pass a) resolution
決戰 决战 jué zhàn (n) an all decisive battle

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