Trad. Simp. Pinyin English
zhù to inject; to pour into; to concentrate; to pay attention; to note; to comment on; to record; to register; to annotate
注冊表 注册表 zhù cè biǎo Windows registry
注目 zhù mù (v) stare at; gaze at
注入 zhù rù pour in; empty into
注射 zhù shè injection; to inject
注射器 zhù shè qì syringe
注視 注视 zhù shì watch attentively
注釋 注释 zhù shì (v) make notes in the margin; annotate; (n) comment; annotation
注塑 zhù sù injection moulding
注意 zhù yì take note of; (pay) attention (to)
注意看 zhù yì kàn watch carefully
注意力 zhù yì lì attention
注意力缺陷過動症 注意力缺陷过动症 zhù yì lì quē xiàn guò dòng zhèng Attention Deficit hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
注音符號 注音符号 zhù yīn fú hào a phonetic notation for Chinese aka bopomofo
注重 zhù zhòng pay attention to; emphasize

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