Trad. Simp. Pinyin English
cháo tide; current; damp; moist; humid
潮安 Cháo ān (N) Chao'an (place in Guangdong)
潮解 cháo jiě (chem.); deliquesce (absorb water from the air and dissolve); deliquescense
潮流 cháo liú tide; current; trend
潮熱 潮热 cháo rè hot flash
潮濕 潮湿 cháo shī damp; moist
潮汐 cháo xì tide
潮陽 潮阳 Cháo yáng (N) Chaoyang (city in Guangdong)
潮州 Cháo zhōu (N) Chaozhou (city in Guangdong)
潮州鎮 潮州镇 Cháo zhōu zhèn (N) Chaochou (town in Taiwan)

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