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wéi act as; be; to be; to do; to serve as; to become
為難 为难 wéi nán make things difficult for
為期 为期 wéi qī (to be done) by (a certain date); lasting (a certain time)
為生 为生 wéi shēng to make a living
為時 为时 wéi shí timewise; pertaining to time
為時過早 为时过早 wéi shí guò zǎo premature; too soon
為首 为首 wéi shǒu head; be headed by
為所欲為 为所欲为 wéi suǒ yù wéi do whatever one pleases
為止 为止 wéi zhǐ until
wèi because of; for; to
為此 为此 wèi cǐ for this reason; with regards to this; in this respect; in order to do this; to this end
為何 为何 wèi hé why
為了 为了 wèi le in order to; for the purpose of; so as to
為什麼 为什么 wèi shén me why; for what reason
為甚麼 为甚么 wèi shén me why; for what reason

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