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dāng to be; to act as; to hold a position (in space, time, or organizational space); manage; withstand; when; during; ought; should; match equally; equal; same; obstruct; just at (a time or place); on the spot; right; just at
當場 当场 dāng chǎng at the scene; on the spot
當初 当初 dāng chū at that time; originally
當代 当代 dāng dài the present age; the contemporary era
當地 当地 dāng dì local
當地時間 当地时间 dāng dì shí jiān (n) local time
當兒 当儿 dāng er (n) the very moment
當歸 当归 dāng guī Angelica sinensis
當家 当家 dāng jiā manage household affairs
當今 当今 dāng jīn current; present; now; nowadays
當局 当局 dāng jú authorities
當量劑量 当量剂量 dāng liáng jì liáng equivalent dose
當量 当量 dāng liàng yield
當面 当面 dāng miàn to sb.'s face; in sb.'s presence
當年 当年 dāng nián in those days; then; in those years; during that time
當前 当前 dāng qián current; today's; modern; present; to be facing (us)
當然 当然 dāng rán only natural; as it should be; certainly; of course; without doubt
當時 当时 dāng shí then; at that time; while
當時的 当时的 dāng shí de of that time; former
當事人 当事人 dāng shì rén persons involved or implicated; party (to an affair)
當涂 当涂 Dāng tú (N) Dangtu (place in Anhui)
當務之急 当务之急 dāng wù zhī jí urgent priority
當心 当心 dāng xīn to take care; to look out
當雄 当雄 Dāng xióng (N) Dangxiong (place in Tibet)
當選 当选 dāng xuǎn be elected
當陽 当阳 Dāng yáng (N) Dangyang (city in Hubei)
當中 当中 dāng zhōng among; in the middle; in the center
當眾 当众 dāng zhòng in public; in front of everybody
dàng at or in the very same...; to pawn; suitable; adequate; fitting; proper; replace; represent
當成 当成 dàng chéng to consider as; take to be
當天 当天 dàng tiān that day; the same day
當作 当作 dàng zuò treat as; regard as
當做 当做 dàng zuò to treat as; to regard as; to look upon as

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