Trad. Simp. Pinyin English
kǎo to check; to verify; to test; to examine
考察 kǎo chá inspect; make an on-the-spot investigation
考查 kǎo chá investigate; study
考古 kǎo gǔ (n) archeology; (v) do archeology
考古學 考古学 kǎo gǔ xué (n) archaeology
考古學家 考古学家 kǎo gǔ xué jiā archaeologist
考核 kǎo hé (v) examine; check up on
考據 考据 kǎo jù textual criticism
考量 kǎo liáng consider; consideration
考慮 考虑 kǎo lǜ to think over; to consider; consideration
考取 kǎo qǔ (v) pass an entrance test
考上 kǎo shàng (v) to pass a university entrance exam
考試 考试 kǎo shì exam
考試院 考试院 kǎo shì yuàn Examination Yuan
考驗 考验 kǎo yàn (put to the) test

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