Trad. Simp. Pinyin English
yāo demand; ask; request; coerce
要求 yāo qiú request; require; stake a claim (to something); to ask; to demand
yào important; vital; to want; to be going to; must
要不 yào bu otherwise; or; or else
要不然 yào bu rán otherwise; or else; or
要部然 yào bu rán otherwise
要不是 yào bu shì if it were not for; but for
要得 yào dé good; fine
要地 yào dì strategic location
要點 要点 yào diǎn main point; essential
要飯 要饭 yào fàn beg (for food or money)
要好 yào hǎo be on good terms; be close friends
要花 yào huā cost; raise (price); bring (a price)
要緊 要紧 yào jǐn important; urgent
要領 要领 yào lǐng (n) main aspects; essentials; gist
要麼 要么 yào me (conj) either X or Y (used when given a choice between two things)
要命 yào mìng (v) cause sb to die; (adj) extremely; frighteningly; very; (adj) annoyance
要人 yào rén important person
要塞 yào sāi stronghold
要食物不要炸彈 要食物不要炸弹 Yào shí wù bù yào zhà dàn Food Not Bombs
要是 yào shì if
要素 yào sù essential; factor; constituent
要有 yào yǒu need; require

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