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qǐng to ask; to invite; please (do sth); to treat (to a meal, etc); to request
請便 请便 qǐng biàn (phr) do as you wish; please yourself
請假 请假 qǐng jià ask for time off
請柬 请柬 qǐng jiǎn (n) invitation card; written invitation
請教 请教 qǐng jiào consult
請看 请看 qǐng kàn please see ...; vide
請客 请客 qǐng kè give a dinner party; entertain guests; invite to dinner
請求 请求 qǐng qiú request
請示 请示 qǐng shì ask for instructions
請帖 请帖 qǐng tiě (n) invitation card; written invitation
請問 请问 qǐng wèn may I ask...
請願 请愿 qǐng yuàn petition (for action to be taken)
請願書 请愿书 qǐng yuàn shū petition

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