Trad. Simp. Pinyin English
lose; negative (math. etc.); to bear; to carry (on one's back)
負擔 负担 fù dān (bear a) burden
負擔不起 负担不起 fù dān bu qǐ cannot afford; cannot bear the burden
負擔者 负担者 fù dān zhě bearer
負荷 负荷 fù hé load; burden; charge
負傷 负伤 fù shāng (v) be wounded
負數 负数 fù shù negative and non-negative numbers
負載 负载 fù zài load
負責 负责 fù zé in charge of; to be responsible for (sth)
負責人 负责人 fù zé rén person in charge (of something)
負責任 负责任 fù zé rèn responsibility for; blamed for; be in charge of
負債 负债 fù zhài indebted
負債纍纍 负债纍纍 fù zhài lěi lěi heavily in debt
負重擔 负重担 fù zhòng dān burdened

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