Trad. Simp. Pinyin English
zǒu to walk; to go; to move; to leave
走步 zǒu bù traveling (basketball)
走出 zǒu chū to move away from; to walk away from
走錯 走错 zǒu cuò astray; misstep
走道 zǒu dào pavement; sidewalk; path; walk; footpath
走訪 走访 zǒu fǎng (v) pay a visit
走狗 zǒu gǒu (n) lackey; running dog; a person who helps someone harm people
走後門 走后门 zǒu hòu mén get in by the back door; do something by unofficial channels; (saying) use back door connections to get an advantage; use influence to get what one wants
走開 走开 zǒu kāi Get out of the way!
走廊 zǒu láng corridor; piazza; veranda
走漏 zǒu lòu (v) leak out (information); reveal
走私 zǒu sī smuggle
走投無路 走投无路 zǒu tóu wú lù to have no way out; to come to a dead end; to be painted into a corner
走彎路 走弯路 zǒu wān lù to take an indirect route
走向 zǒu xiàng trend; be trending towards
走運 走运 zǒu yùn (v) be lucky
走在 zǒu zài walking on (something)

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