Trad. Simp. Pinyin English
beiges; serge
to compare; to match; to equal
wall; rampart
slave girl; maid servant
(treat as a) favorite
money; coins; currency
to protect; cover; shelter; hide or harbor
low-built house
detriment; fraud; harm; defeat
certainly; must; will; necessarily
frivolous; rude
melancholy; sincere
perverse; obstinate
my (polite); poor; ruined; shabby; worn out; defeated
die violently
weapon handle of bamboo strips
ox yoke placed on the horns
associate with; be near
careful; prevent
secrete; pour off
public bathhouse
die violently
gem on scabbard
piece of jade with hole in center
confer on; give to
the whole of; to finish; to complete; complete; full; finished
paralysis, numbness
numb; paralysis
look askance
green jade; bluish green; blue; jade
fine-toothed comb; to comb
(phonetic); fragrant
castor seed
the castor-oil plant
bean; pulse
to cover; to shield; to screen; to conceal
Ficus pumila
to benefit; to aid; advantageous; profitable
creases; folds or pleats in a garment
fever; tartar horn
a half-truth; flatter
able to support great weight
to clear streets when emperor tours
both feet crippled; lame
king; emperor; monarch; royal; ward off
avoid; shun; flee; escape; leave; to keep away; to leave; to hide
(surname); ancient place name
plowshare; barb, lancet
to close; stop up; shut; obstruct
hidden; hide
the steps to the throne
fragrance of food
strong horse
used in transliterating Buddhist books
buttocks; thigh
phasianus pictus

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