Trad. Simp. Pinyin English
gāo water pulley
gāo weapon case
gāo bank; marsh
gāo spy on
gāo bank; marsh; testicles
gāo pole for punting boats
gāo cake
gāo lamb
gāo ointment; paste
gāo high; tall
gāo large drum
gǎo to do; to make; to go in for; to set up; to get hold of; to take care of
gǎo daybreak; bright and brilliant
gǎo high; sun shines brightly; to shine
gǎo dry; rotten (as wood)
稿 gǎo manuscript; draft; stalk of grain
gǎo plain white silk
gǎo a pick
gào to tell; to inform; to say
gào enjoin; grant (a title)
gào (surname); name of a feudal state
gào zirconium

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