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I welcome e-mail with comments, suggestions, and criticism of my tools and also general questions about Chinese and Chinese computing. Please take a moment to look at the FAQ I have prepared to see if it already answers your question. Also, if you are e-mailing due to a problem with one of the tools, please give me as much detail as you can about the nature of the problem, your web browser, and your operating system. This will help me solve the problem as quickly as possible.

  • If you have a tattoo or English to Chinese translation request, please read this.
  • Before e-mailing, please check to see if your question is already answered in the FAQ.
  • If you have a question about Chinese and computers, check out ChineseComputing.com.
  • I can read English and Chinese, but despite my Scandinavian name, I don't know Swedish.
  • E-mails spelling Erik with a "k" get answered the most quickly.
  • Due to work demands and the volume of e-mail I get, sometimes it takes me a week or more to respond to e-mails. My apologies. If I haven't responded after two weeks, please remind me.
  • I get a lot of spam, so please make your subject line meaningful to insure I don't accidently delete your message.

After checking the FAQ, you are welcome to send e-mail to . I am not a free translation service and don't respond to translation requests. See Zhongwen.com for an excellent Chinese dictionary or Yahoo for a listing of Chinese Translation Services.

Regarding Link Exchanges: I'm not really interested in link exchanges. If I like your site or think it is novel or useful, I'll link to it.

Calling Cards: With Banana Call you'll benefit of great connectivity.
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